The Sally & Jo Rogers Paddle Tennis Tournament

In the tradition of “The Sally”, we invite you to participate in The Sally and Jo Rogers Paddle Tennis Tournament! 

The Sally & Jo Rogers Paddle Tennis Tournament helps increase awareness to the unsettling statistic of over 1,400 teenagers living on the streets of Westchester County every night.  All proceeds support the Children’s Village Sanctuary, which provides a safe haven for Westchester County teens who are homeless or have run away, often from unsafe or abusive homes. They come to the shelter voluntarily, sometimes after spending weeks or months on the street.

The Tournament
Tuesday, October 11, 2022 at
Fox Meadow Tennis Club & surrounding clubs
Starting time: 8:45am
Individual ticket: $125

The tournament is a competitive, yet friendly, women’s B paddle tournament for intermediate and advanced players. Its continued success demonstrates that our sport can be both fun and a wonderful platform (pun intended!) to help serve our communities. Number of teams is limited, so register early!


Registration has closed! To join the waiting list, please contact RoseAnn Magdaleno 914-693-0600 ext 1224 or


About Sally and Jo Rogers
Sally and Joseph “Jo” Rogers believed that all children should have a safe place to stay when remaining at home isn’t possible. For Sally and Jo, giving back was paramount. Sally was a beloved volunteer at The Children’s Village (CV) for over 20 years, and especially loved supporting The Sanctuary. For over 20 years, they raised awareness of teen homelessness in Westchester County through the paddle tennis tournament. Sally’s enthusiasm was infectious and she had the most generous spirit, giving to the many charities that were near and dear to her heart. After Sally passed away in 2004, her lifelong friend Sharon, brother Ward, and Jo continued her legacy by co-chairing the tournament until Jo’s passing in 2021. We invite you to join us in continuing to celebrate Sally and Jo’s spirit, grace, wit, and selflessness. Together, we can help countless young people at The Sanctuary get back on their feet.


For more information, please contact RoseAnn Magdaleno 914-693-0600 ext 1224 or

Change a child's life.