Become a Foster Parent

Is there room at your table for one more?

NEW OPPORTUNITY! Are you an All-Star Foster Parent? We have a unique opportunity for foster parents who are willing to go the extra-mile. If you are an All-Star Foster Parent then then MTFC might be for you!

Download Information about becoming a Foster Parent.

Our Foster Home Department is looking for quality Foster Parents who are willing and able to care for a child on a temporary basis. Often, children come to us vulnerable and scared. They are in need of comfort, love, support, and consistency while their families mend. Our initial focus is always family reunification. In some instances a temporary foster care placement can turn into a more permanent one if parents are not in a position to plan for their children. In these scenarios, the Foster Parent has the opportunity to adopt the child they have been caring for.

As a foster parent you will receive:

  • Enriching training on how to care for a foster child
  • A monthly stipend
  • Ongoing support, including 24-hour emergency back-up
  • The feeling that you are doing something incredible for someone else in a time of need

Foster Children range in age from birth to 21 years of age. We have a large teen population, many of whom previously lived on our Residential Campus. We have several sibling groups, and we value the importance of placing siblings together, or at the very least in close proximity to one another.


Call our Homefinding Department today at 212.932.9009 ext. 7260 to attend one of our Foster Parent Orientation Sessions and learn more.

Change a child's life.