Looking for an exciting career? We need you!

Posted by: Stephanie on June 13, 2014

CV has over 300 job openings throughout our many locations. Join us for an open interview or apply online at www.childrensvillage.org/employment

New York: The Tale of Two Cities

Posted by: Stephanie on January 24, 2014

When Bill de Blasio moved into Gracie Mansion, he became mayor of 59 community districts that constitute New York City. As he eloquently described during his campaign, these districts comprise two distinct cities that have very little in common. For example, just 8* of the 59 districts make up a third of the children removed […]

Read CV’s Blog Entry on the New York Community Trust-New York Magazine Nonprofit Excellence Awards Blog

Posted by: aschmidt on September 9, 2013

You can now follow a new blog to keep informed about the latest awards news for the Nonprofit Excellence Awards as they continue to honor the ten semifinalists and prepare to announce six finalists for the awards early next month, leading up to the awards in November.  Click here to read what President and CEO Jeremy […]

Still Waiting for the Bus

Posted by: Stephanie on March 18, 2013

This blog originally appeared on the New York Times–Motherlode: Adventures in Parenting, and was written by KJ Dell’Antonia. Click here to see the original post. Anthony R. got up at about 4:30 Tuesday morning to get to school. “It takes me about two hours,” he told me by phone from his school at the Children’s […]

I Stand Up For Bookworms

Posted by: Stephanie on September 11, 2012

In my life so far, I have never been in the popular crowd. The popular crowd was made up of the kids everyone else wanted to be — they were funny, had good clothes and money to spend. Instead, I was always the smart girl in class, the one that everyone ignored until they needed […]

Fathers Sharing

Posted by: Stephanie on June 29, 2012

There they sat; two men, who seemingly had very little in common. George was a pale white man from Jersey with a Masters in Fine Arts from a big university and Kofi was a very dark Ghanaian who came to the US when he was thirteen. He had a high school education.   But there they sat; telling […]

Power of Preventive Care

Posted by: Stephanie on June 27, 2012

Historically, in order to access help and services from a social service agency, families need to have a problem and already be in a tough situation. However, this approach is highly problematic. It can cause the family to view the support negatively since it is being offered when the crisis has already hit a climax. In […]

4 Best Practices for Working With Your Funders

Posted by: Stephanie on May 16, 2012

Yesterday morning I, along with colleagues from our Development Department, attended the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Westchester Chapter’s Funders Panel.   What a great investment!   In a time of ups and downs for many nonprofit organizations, hearing directly from the funders themselves brought new insight, assurance, and a human outlook to the field.  The panel, […]

A Little Girl Named Annie and a Man With a Gun

Posted by: Stephanie on May 1, 2012

Last week, a tragedy happened. You hardly heard about it in the news at the time. But I want to tell it here so none will forget it. It was this: A precious Harlem community memberdied. She was only 13 years old and her name was Annie. She was killed. Annie loved school and she […]

Holiday Economics

Posted by: Stephanie on December 9, 2011

Last week, I was in the labor and delivery with my wife while we were waiting for our, then, unborn child to make his first appearance. Because my wife’s water had broken but labor hadn’t started, we started having idle conversation with a wonderful nurse named Suzanne. Suzanne has three sons, who, like most kids, […]

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